Children are Skipping

We as Ssembwa Orphanage Care Uganda we find many ways of keeping the children’s body parties be healthy and these are the benefits of skipping or jumping the rope; Skipping is a fantastic way to help pupils, as well as grown adults, Train their motor skills, coordination, and concentration. Body and mind exercise in tandem …

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Common knowledge

Banana Fibers are mostly used by children because they use to make their ropes so that they use for skipping. They use those ropes to make exercise through skipping. Those ropes it shines the brains of the children by thinking what to do. It makes children busy and helps them to avoid stress. And there …

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We provide Sandals to the children

We as Ssembwa Orphanage Care Uganda we know the benefits of sandals for the children that’s why we need to provide them with sandals to; 1 Reduces pain associated with foot deformities. 2 Improved posture 3 Reduced risk of injury And so many risks. Join us to protect children.

School Requirements.

Education is important to children because education helps children learn how to think critically, It enhances their creativity and imagination. It will expose them to new ideas, And it helps the child find the path to a career that they wish to pursue as an adult. And there is much importance in educating a child, …

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We never expect this in our lives but due to the massive love from our beloved brother Glenn Oakes from the UK, we managed to have a wonderful and nice special meal, thank you very much for such a great heart. Any kind of donation is important and can make a big difference between us, thank you …



All these children have no scholastic materials for their better Education, they have spent two weeks now studying due to lack of school materials . Represent the feet and Hands of Jesus Christ today by donating towards their school materials campaign.


This is an urgent matter friends here at SSEMBWA ORPHANAGE CARE UGANDA we have a problem with water nowadays. Help us to raise $300 to get tap water so that we can avoid the diseases which may result from using this dirty water.